Who's coming

Rory Noland

Rory Noland is the Director of Heart of the Artist Ministries, head of the Worship Department at Nebraska Christian College. He previously served as the Music Director at Willow Creek Community Church, and Pastor of Worship at Harvest Bible Chapel. Rory has decades of experience leading leaders.

Vertical Worship

Vertical Worship is the worship band from Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, Illinois.

Outpour Worship

Outpour Worship is the worship band from Grace Community Church in Willow Street, PA.

elective clinics

The Atoma team is passionate about equipping leaders with the knowledge and resources for people-based ministries. For this reason all of our elective clinics will be led with the focus on how your ministry tool impacts the worship service. These clinics are not designed to teach basic fundamentals of musical skill but instead will focus on how to support and facilitate platform leadership.

Dave Helmuth

Building Teams of Musicians and Organizing Resources for Leadership

Rory Noland

Men in Ministry

Courtney Cherest

Women in Ministry

Daniel Orama


Dan Sigmon

Piano and Keyboards

James Ruchalski


Skip Reddig

Drums and Bass

Tim Price

with Darin Esterly


Cynthia Leibee