Location & Travel

Mission & Vision

Grace Community Church seeks to help people know and follow Jesus. It's the vision of GCC to help fill heaven, and not simply fill seats. 

Atoma was birthed out of the music ministry of GCC, and continues to be hosted by, and supported by the ministries of GCC. There is a great desire to support worship leaders and church musicians with the encouragement, training, and support for the heart matters relating to people-based ministry.

Grace Community Church
of Willow Street

212 Peach Bottom Rd.
Willow Street, PA 17584

(717) 464-5333

Atoma Travel Liaison

We're thrilled to partner with a local travel expert for our 2020 conference. If you have any needs regarding where to stay, how to navigate the area, or even some local restaurants and attractions, please contact Alyssa Roberts who can help you with anything you may need! 

phone: 610-310-7571

e-mail: alyssa@jenkinstravel.com