Atoma 2021

April 23 – 24, 2021


Paul Baloche

Paul Baloche is a Contemporary Christian Music Artist, Worship Leader, and Singer-Songwriter. 

Meredith Andrews

Meredith Andrews is a contemporary Christian music artist, songwriter, and worship leader. 

Courtney Cherest

Courtney Cherest is the founder of One19 Ministries which is an organization committed to the teaching, study, and celebration of the Bible.

Water Within

Water Within is an organization committed to equipping people to live lives in the presence of God.

Outpour Worship

Outpour Worship is the worship band from Grace Community Church in Willow Street, PA.

Alyssa Mayersky

Alyssa Mayersky is a contemporary christian music artist, songwriter, and worship leader.


MBSSY is the worship band from Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA.

Who’s coming

elective clinics

The Atoma team is passionate about equipping leaders with the knowledge and resources for people-based ministries. For this reason all of our elective clinics will be led with the focus on how your ministry tool impacts the worship service. These clinics are not designed to teach basic fundamentals of musical skill but instead will focus on how to support and facilitate platform leadership.


Dave Helmuth

Art of Leading

Creating spaces where people can meet with God

Holly Salazar


Honing Your Craft

Tim Price

Masterclass for horns

Joined by Darin Esterly

Doug Gould

Volunteer Friendly Sound Systems for the Portable and Small Church

Daniel Orama



James Ruchalski

Acoustic Guitar

Mary Pat Smissen & Whitney Walker

Prayer Counseling

Please call ahead to register for these special 15-minute counseling moments

Teacher TBA


Teacher TBA


Teacher TBA

Bass Guitar


Dave Helmuth

The Five Faders

Becoming the best version of yourself and helping your team to do the same

Holly Salazar


Music Business and Song Admin

Tim Price

Masterclass for horns

Joined by Darin Esterly

Doug Gould

Mixing & Recording Your Worship Services

Daniel Orama



James Ruchalski

Electric Guitar

Mary Pat Smissen & Whitney Walker

Prayer Counseling

Please call ahead to register for these special 15-minute counseling moments

Katie Wieand

Kids Music Ministry

Connecting Kids to God for Life

Dan Sigmon


Teacher TBA


Teacher TBA


Teacher TBA

Orchestral Woodwinds


Doors will open at 6:00PM Friday night, and again at 7:45AM on Saturday morning.

The Atoma Worship Conference will conclude by 5:00pm on Saturday, April 24.

Atoma is a ministry of Grace Community Church and we would be happy to have you join us on Saturday at 6PM, or Sunday at 8:00AM, 9:15AM, or 11:00AM. We meet at 212 Peach Bottom Rd. in Willow Street, PA. We would love to host you!

Day 1

April 23



Doors Open


Session 1


Session 2

Worship With Us

Day 2

April 24



Pick up resources & check instruments


Session 3


Session 4


Session 5



(everyone who registers for Atoma will receive a boxed lunch on Saturday)


Elective Clinic 1


Elective Clinic 2


Outpour Worship



As we conclude, we will gather together with our voices and instruments for an opportunity to lift one sound in a moment of group worship.


Closing Celebration

Location & Travel

Atoma will be held at Lancaster Bible College

901 Eden Rd. 
Lancaster. PA 17601

Worship is about praising God with your whole self: mind, body and soul. At LBC, we’re intentional about training students in leading God’s people in corporate worship through scriptural understanding of arts in the church, growing as a disciple of Jesus and a leader of artists, and developing as a musician.

When you study worship arts at LBC, you’ll learn how to engage people through creative presentation of and participation in the gospel, while simultaneously receiving an unparalleled biblical education. Our students graduate prepared spiritually and academically to serve in churches, ministries, parachurch organizations and beyond.

In LBC’s worship arts major, you will be mentored by caring and experienced professors, gaining hands-on experience to lead effectively through the arts and integrate worship into every aspect of ministry and personal life. If you’re ready to learn more about what living a life of worship truly means, consider studying worship arts at Lancaster Bible College.

Grace Community Church seeks to help people know and follow Jesus. It’s the vision of GCC to help fill heaven, and not simply fill seats. 

Atoma was birthed out of the music ministry of GCC, and continues to be hosted by, and supported by the ministries of GCC. There is a great desire to support worship leaders and church musicians with the encouragement, training, and support for the heart matters relating to people-based ministry.

Grace Community Church
of Willow Street

212 Peach Bottom Rd.
Willow Street, PA 17584

(717) 464-5333

Atoma Travel Liaison

We’re thrilled to partner with a local travel expert for our 2020 conference. If you have any needs regarding where to stay, how to navigate the area, or even some local restaurants and attractions, please contact Alyssa Roberts who can help you with anything you may need! 

phone: 610-310-7571